HealthWatch: EMS Training

HealthWatch: EMS Training

Aurora BayCare offers special training for rural ems techs

HealthWatch (WFRV)  First responders are usually the first trained medical contact for people in a medical emergency.  So keeping up to date on training and new techniques is important.


The time it takes someone to get to the hospital in an emergency can mean the difference between life and death.


Which is why Aurora BayCare Medical Center is working to make sure rural paramedics get the training they need.


Aurora BayCare recently held a workshop for emergency medical technicians from rural fire departments on learning the latest in heart attack procedures.


"To help EMS inthe community to better serve the patients that they bring to us."  said Ben Goodstein, Director or Cardiovascular Services-Aurora BayCare Medical Center.


 Kevin Siehr is a firefighter and paramedic in Two Rivers.  He is hoping the workshop will help him save more lives.


"It's stuff that we weren't taught in school.  We had small segments that we learned in school and over the years technology changes and it's not offered without a seminar like this."  said Kevin Siehr.


Which is why Aurora BayCare is hosting the workshop for rural EMS techs.


"In order to provide the best care is probably the most important thing to do is educate the EMS to  make sure they are aware of what policies and procedures we have in place and how they can help us improve that door to balloon time."  said Goodstein.


A grant from the American Heart Association and the Wisconsin Office of Rural  Health paid for the workshop.


"We bring education to our rural EMS providers and also our hospitals so they have access to guidelines that are up to date so they are bringing that back to their hospitals and their services so that our patients and our communities can have the top of quality care."  said Katie Watkins form The American Heart Association.


And the faster EMS workers stabilize a patient and get them to the hospital, the better chance for survival


" I think programs like this absolutely save lives.  What it gives them is the ability to do, to relearn a skill they already knew and better improve those skills." said Good stein.


Aurora BayCare Medical Center has received the American Heart Association's  Mission Lifeline Accreditation-- they met all the standards from pre-hospital care to post procedure care for heart attack patients.  It is the only hospital in Wisconsin to do so.


To learn more you can call Aurora BayCare at (920) 288-8000 or email <


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