HealthWatch: Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trial

HealthWatch: Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trial

HealthWatch: Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trial

HealthWatch (WFRV) The chance of surviving ovarian and fallopian tube cancers are about  20 to 25 percent at two years without disease.  Now  one clinical trial is trying to bring those numbers up.

Paula Arlette was diagnosed with fallopian tube.  The disease is usually caught in the later stages, so survival rates are low.  Paula's cancer was found in stage three and she had a hysterectomy.

Paula was then referred to Medical Oncologist Dr. Dhimant Patel at Aurora BayCare Medical Center for treatment.  Dr. Patel didn't want to use the standard treatment for fallopian tube cancer with Paula.

"Because Standard isn't giving us as good a result as we want.  Standard is saying if you do the standard treatment you're only going to get one quarter of the patients who have no recurrence in two years.  That's not excepted," said Dr. Dhimant Patel, Aurora BayCare Medical Center, Medical Oncologist.

Dr. Patel recommended that Paula enroll in the GOG 0252 clinical trial.  Dr. Patel thought Paula's chances for survival would be better in the trial.

"Because it was using drugs in a different combination, putting drugs into the abdomen so it was a different way of doing treatment.  Preliminary results had suggested it was going to be better," explained Dr. Patel.

And the results were. Paula has been in remission for more than two years.  And Dr. Patel believes she will do well in the long run.Paula and her husband Ralph are glad

Paula is part of the clinical trial because of what it meant for her."That plan is what walked her through this thing.  I do not believe if she had went anywhere else I have no doubt that she would have been dead," said Ralph Arlette, Paula's Husband.Paula agrees, "Yeah it was a rough go, but yeah I am very happy," said Paula.

Dr. Patel says clinical trials improve treatments, help find cures and improve survival rates. Patients at Aurora BayCare have access to more than 400 clinical trials.

To learn more you can call Aurora BayCare at (920) 288-8000 or email <

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