HealthWatch: Saving Lives with CPR

HealthWatch: Saving Lives with CPR

If someone had a heart attack in front of you, would you know what to do?
 HealthWatch (WFRV) -  If someone had a heart attack in front of you, would you know what to do?

 If CPR is performed immediately after a cardiac arrest, it can double or triple a victim's chance of survival.

 The American Heart Association says Seventy percent of people may feel helpless to act during a cardiac emergency because they don't know c-p-r or their training lapsed.

 This alarming statistic could hit close to home,  because home is exactly where 88 percent of cardiac arrests occur.

 So the life you save with CPR will most likely be someone you know or love.

 George Rehrauer was snowplowing 4 months ago when suddenly he went into cardiac arrest .

 "I went down."  explained George.

 His neighbor Jeff Redo jumped into action.  Jeff told his wife to call 9-1-1 then he immediately started CPR.

 " I started chest compressions."  said Jeff.

 That act saved George's life.  "I never would have made it if they wouldn't have been there." said George. 

George was taken to Aurora BayCare Medical Center for open heart surgery.  Lisa Koehler is a registered nurse and certified CPR trainer at Aurora BayCare Medical Center.

 "You can literally save a life with two hands."  said Lisa.

 Lisa says the best thing you can do for someone who's heart has stopped is ask someone else to get an AED and then perform hands only bystander CPR.  Pushing hard and fast.

 "The center of the chest, the palm of their hands and it's 100 beats per minute.  Two inches down.  Allowing for chest recoil.  In two minute cycles."  explained Lisa.

The American Heart Association has a free  emergency APP called hands only CPR you can use  to help in an emergency.

 "Even if you've never done a chest compression it will walk you through it."  said Lisa.

You can find the APP by going to the American Heart Association's website.

George wouldn't be here today.. If Jeff wouldn't have known what to do...would you?

 "As soon as you can learn CPR you need to because you never know when you might need to perform it.  it's a matter of life and death."  said Jeff.

 "I would recommend everyone should know."  said George.

 The voice of experience from a man who now looks at life differently.

 "Oh yeah.  Enjoy it.  Every day I thank the Lord and I thank Jeff."  laughed George.

 If you want to learn how to perform CPR,  Aurora BayCare offers Heart Saver classes in many local communities.  The cost is 18 dollars.

 To learn more you can call Aurora BayCare at (920) 288-8000 or email <

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