HealthWatch: Warning Signs of Heart Disease

HealthWatch: Warning Signs of Heart Disease

HealthWatch: Warning Signs of Heart Disease

HealthWatch (WFRV)  Many times our bodies will tell us when something is wrong by giving us warning signs like pain or even just an odd feeling.  Ignoring these signs could be deadly.  Jeff Dziewit listened to his body and it may have saved his life.

Jeff tries to live a health life.  "The more active you are the better it is for the heart muscle," said Jeff.

It's a muscle Jeff is very concerned about.  10 Years ago, at the age of 45, Jeff kept waking up in the middle of the night. 

"I was just having this goofy, funny feeling at night," explained Jeff.

Jeff knew something was wrong, but he didn't know what.. His dad had heart disease so Jeff went to the doctor.  Jeff passed a stress test and echocardiogram and other tests,  but the strange feelings persisted for almost two years.  So his doctor sent him to cardiologist Dr. Fran Wolf at Aurora BayCare Medical Center. 

"I was getting more worried about it.  He said lets go through the test,"  said Jeff.

Jeff also had high cholesterol.  Dr. Wolf suggested Jeff have a cardiac catheterization, a procedure that allows the doctor to go into the heart with a tube to check for blockages.

The results weren't what dr. Wolf expected. 

"Finding that he essentially had blockage in all of the major arteries to the heart was a surprise. He would up having bypasses put into each of the three major arteries of his heart," said Dr. Fran Wolf, Aurora BayCare Medical Center.

Without the surgery, Dr. Wolf says Jeff was a prime candidate for a heart attack and could have died.

 Which is why Dr. Wolf says people need to listen to their bodies, especially if the symptoms and warning signs are new. 

"I think you shouldn't ignore any symptom at all," said Dr. Wolf.

Jeff didn't and it saved his life.  "I wouldn't be here talking to you right now," said Jeff. 

Some of the lesser known symptoms of heart disease include jaw pain, sweating, nausea, feeling tired, heavy arms or shortness of breath.  

To learn more you can call Aurora BayCare at (920) 288-8000 or email <

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