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Hometown Hero: Nathan Riehl

Hometown Hero Nathan Riehl trains emergency responders at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.
Green Bay, Wis.(WFRV)--The National Guard is a unique part of the U.S. Military.They are part-time soldiers who hold full-time civilian jobs.That's true of this week's Hometown Hero - Nathan Riehl.
    Local Five's Terry Kovarik shows us a guardsman who is using his military experience to train paramedics and his paramedic skills to help soldiers.
    Nathan Riehl  trains emergency medical technicians at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College or where they work.  It's been his life's mission.
    Says Riehl, "I just kind of always had an interest in the medical field."
    That interest took him to the classroom via the Army National guard's military occupation specialities.
    Riehl, "When I was looking at all of the different mos's (military occupation specialities) that we had in the military,  the combat medic just kind of stood out."
    Riehl got his EMT certification in conjunction with his combat medic training.  That led to deployment to a military detainee camp north of Baghdad from 2009- 2010.  He served as an emergency room supervisor helping more than just prisoners.
    Says Riehl, "We had some emergency situations with either soldiers or we were training ico's, corrections officers at the time."
    As an instructor and a member of Black Creek's emergency medical service, Riehl put his EMT skills to work for the military and brought his war service back home to help EMTs.
    Says Riehl, "I'm able to provide, what I hope is, a little more realistic, a little more energized training.  and as they get that better training, they will be better EMTs."
    Riehl says training EMTs from the civilian ranks is more challenging than in the military.
    That's because it's hard to find responders who can cover the time needed.
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