Hometown Hero: SrA Bryenna Brooks

Hometown Hero: SrA Bryenna Brooks

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Green Bay, Wis. (WFRV)  Our Hometown Hero this week is Senior Airman Bryenna Brooks.


The Fox Valley native has been in the Air Force less than 4 years and is already a decorated Airman for being wounded in combat.



And now SrA Brooks has been named one of the Air Forces 2012 Outstanding Airmen of the Year.


"I feel very honored to be able to receive this award  mostly because I feel honored to represent the medical career field and especially the medics I was deployed with,"  said SrA Bryenna Brooks.


Only 12 out of 115-thousand enlisted airmen received the award.


SrA Brooks was on her last mission during a sixth month tour in Afghanistan, when her convoy was hit last June.


SrA Brooks was injured by shrapnel but, being a medical technician, she treated the others injured in her convoy as best she could.


Back home in Sherwood,  her father Tom Brooks thinks his daughter is a true Hometown Hero.


"To be able to stay on mission and be able to put other people's condition in front of her own and to do what they expected her to do, so I guess that is my definition of a hero,"  said Tom Brooks.


As 2012's outstanding airmen of the year,  a portrait of SrA Brooks will hang in  the Pentagon for a year.


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