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Behind the scenes at the Packers Pro Shop warehouse on busy Cyber Monday

Spending was down for the Black Friday weekend, so the pressure is on for retailers this Cyber Monday.
BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WFRV) - Spending was down for the Black Friday weekend, so the pressure is on for retailers this Cyber Monday.

 Sales are projected to be around $2 billion.

"Right now it is very hectic, we take a lot of phone calls" says Donna Arndt who has answered phones at the packersproshop.com call center for 11 seasons.

"It is the best time of year because it is the holidays and its football season so we have a lot of things going on" says Kate Hogan, the Packers Director of Retail Operations.  

Six thousand orders were waiting when the team arrived Monday morning.

"Jerseys, t-shirts and Cheeseheads are the standards, but then we have lots of fun things like garden gnome, house wares" Hogan says.

Over the course of the holiday season crews in the warehouse will wrap more than 10,000 presents, but not all of them will wind up under trees in Titletown. In fact, the Pro Shop does a large international business.  

International mail is also leaving a home in Luxemburg.

"We just had an order from South Africa" says Shannon Heupel. She is the owner of Artfully Designed Creations. The niche business is aimed at those with a love of cookies.

"We have cookie stencils, t-shirts, tumblers" she explains.

One month into business, Heupel's sales have topped $4,200.  

"I am humbled" she says. "I just did not think it would be a successful as it is and I am just so blessed and grateful for the support in the cookie world".

The ease of Cyber Monday, where just a few clicks takes you from cookies, to clay. Clay Matthews that is.

 "We have just about anything and everything a packers fan could want" according to Hogan.  

 A cyber mall filled with holiday cheer.

"I just love it. It is a really happy job, a fun place to work" says Arndt. "Everybody is excited about the Packers, everybody has a story about how they are the best Packers fan ever".  

If you're planning to shop online... Make sure the site is secure.

Check for a lock symbol at the bottom of your computer screen.

Also using a credit card instead of debit will offer you purchase protection.

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