DOT: Corrosion Led to Buckling of Pier 22 on Leo Frigo Bridge

DOT: Corrosion Led to Buckling of Pier 22 on Leo Frigo Bridge

Wisconsin DOT releases update on Leo Fridge bridge. They say soil characteristics and corrosion led to buckling of Pier 22.
Ashwaubenon, WI (WFRV) - Exactly one week after it happened, we have answers as to what caused the sinking of the Leo Frigo bridge. We now know Pier 22 buckled due to a unique combination of soil, water and corrosion.

This information comes from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation who called the findings a significant step in their investigation. Leo Frigo Project Manager Tom Buchholz says such buckling is not a common occurrence but they are now checking the neighboring piers found to have a similar soil composition.

The piers of focus right now are those surrounding Pier 22. Soil samples have been taken from Pier 21, 23 and 25.  DOT region communications manager Kim Rudat anticipates additional piers will also require testing.

Buchholz says there are still no reports of additional movement on the bridge, and despite the buckling Pier 22 is showing no signs of tilt or rotation. There is still no word yet on when the Leo Frigo bridge will reopen.  

Local Five's Tara Joyce reports.

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