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Clark Howard fields questions from fans in Appleton for show taping

A nationally known consumer expert is in the Fox Cities.
APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) - A nationally known consumer expert is in the Fox Cities.


Clark Howard took time to be a "Good Neighbor" on WHBY before fielding questions from fans who won tickets to a taping of his popular radio show, heard on 200 stations.


"To be in an environment standing there with people, taking whatever question people want to give me, it is fantastic" Howard says.  


"The question I asked him was just about the investment property, is there something we should be doing on a year to year basis to improve that investment" says a fan at the event.  


The number one question Howard gets, is how to be financially secure.


"We have really started to look at our finances and ways we can cut corners with the finances, with the economy especially" says Audra Libertoski, a listener from Neenah.


"I think we want advice on investments that are going to outlive us in the long run. Have enough to retire on" says another fan, Jane Fitzgerald.


According to Howard that means enough money to last at least 20 years.


"A lot of times I have to tell someone you know you should probably work a few more years before your retire. It is better for me to give somebody tough love now, rather than having tough circumstances down the road" he says.  


Recently listeners concerns have shifted to the affordable health care act.


"Constant questions" Howard says "because people don't know who it applies to and what changes they have to make".


"It is definitely of interest to me, Obamacare is scary as a business owner. I am not sure exactly where it is going to go or what it means but definitely a big concern" says another fan.


Howard is on tour promoting his 10th book. It is a way to get his straightforward advice if you weren't one of the ones lucky enough to be at the event.


"Any advice we can get, I take advantage of it" Libertoski says.


For Howard it all comes back to one golden rule.


"Absolutely the younger you are the more important it is for you to live on less than what you make".  


The radio broadcast taped today is scheduled to air this week.


The Clark Howard radio show is weekdays on WHBY from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm.


 If you would like to meet Clark Howard, he's holding a book signing event Tuesday night at Half Price Books in Appleton.


It starts at 7:00 pm.



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