Climbing Stairs to Remember 9/11

Climbing Stairs to Remember 9/11

Firefighters and Police Officers climbed over 2,000 stairs at Lawrence University's Banta Bowl to remember their fallen comrades.
23 stairs. 110 times. That was the task this afternoon for emergency personnel in Appleton.

"The first responders that day had to climb stairs in the World Trade Center towers to try and save people," Said Sergeant Matthew Peeters. "And we figured this was a good tribute."

The 110 trips represented the 110 stories in each of the fallen towers, and the 23 stairs represented the 23 NYPD officers who lost their lives in the attacks.

Pictures of the fallen officers lined the stairs during the event. Runners say those heroes were on their minds the entire time.

"As I was going up all the steps I was looking at all the pictures of those who lost their lives that day and it was very inspiring to keep me going for the whole thing," said Officer Carrie Peters.

"Each one of those guys you look at, they gave the ultimate sacrifice that day," said Officer Adam Nagel. "So it's definitely a motivating thing."

Participants felt great before the event, and exhausted after.

"Little tired. I'm sure tomorrow I'm going to feel a lot worse." said Peters.

"Pretty drained. It was an exhausting experience," said Fireman Jordan Steel.

All worth it, paying tribute on a day they'll never forget.

"I hope to do this every year hopefully for the rest of my life," said Steel. "Because the memory of the firefighters and police that lost their lives on 9/11 should not be forgotten."

When all was said and done they climbed 2,420 steps. 311 more than the Sears/Willis tower.

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