College student watches Typhoon Haiyan hit home

College student watches Typhoon Haiyan hit home

Freshman Mary Villamor of St. Norbert College just returned from the Philippines a few weeks ago. With family still living overseas, she worries about loved ones and friends.
DE PERE, Wis. (WFRV) - College student Mary Villamor still has family in the Philippines. Although all but one of her family members are safe and accounted for, them living through the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan worries her.

The Philippines has declared a state of emergency, after one of the strongest storms recorded on the planet ripped through the Philippines Friday. With 170 miles an hour wind and a huge storm surge, authorities fear the massive storm may have killed up to 10,000 people.

Just under a month ago, Villamor was in the Philippines for her brother's wedding. She described the tranquil island as picturesque and peaceful - at the time. Now, she said she's devastated to see the destruction the storm left in its wake.

"It makes me sad," Villamor said. "I feel like I need to help, but I don't know how since I'm not there anymore."

Villamor's great-aunt is still unaccounted for. As for the rest of her family overseas, she said she found out their status via social media.

"I looked at facebook profiles to see if they posted status," she said. "I've seen a couple of them that posted pictures, saying that they're fine. They're okay."

Although she has nothings planned as of now, Villamor said she hopes to find a way to help friends and family back in the Philippines.
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