Congressional Sendoff

Congressional Sendoff

Organization for Action held a press conference Friday afternoon, asking Congressional leaders to address certain topics during the upcoming Legislative session.

Organization for Action held a press conference Friday afternoon in downtown Appleton, giving congressional representatives a final sendoff.

        "We've been having actions all across the country during this congressional recess," said Spokeswoman Ann Muenster. "Now we're sending them back to Congress with their work ahead of them."

Attendees called for immigration reform, the full implementation of Obamacare, and expanded background check legislation.
Among the speakers was Dr. Joseph Peterson, a teacher at Northern Illinois University in 2008, when 5 of his students were gunned down in front of his eyes.

        "I stand here today to call on Congress to do the right thing. You have an opportunity to fix something that is broken and will save lives. Close the gun-show loophole, enforce real background checks on every firearm sale."

Congressman Reid Ribble responded by saying the topic will definitely be thoroughly discussed.

        "Gun violence is something that everybody is acutely aware of, and finding the common threads to get it fixed is difficult, because there's not agreement on what those causes are."

Another hot topic at the rally was healthcare. Among the speakers was Sarah Conklin, an adult with pre-existing multiple sclerosis.

        "Had Obamacare not been enacted, I would have faced my lifetime cap and been denied a replacement policy putting me in great jeopardy of extreme financial hardships including bankruptcy," she said.

Ribble says his stance on Obamacare has not, and will not change.

        "It's a very complex piece of legislation that needs to be changed. Minimally we ought to delay it's implementation so if it does get implemented, it gets implemented when it's ready. Not before it's ready."

Congressman Ribble says all of these topics will be be covered, but that it might not happen right away.

        "There's a good chance the next week to week and a half is going to be occupied by conversations about Syria. At the end of the month the government runs out of funding so we've got to have a resolution to fund the government. (We) hit the debt limit on October 15th, so we've got to deal with that, and then there's the regular issues like the farm bill, immigration, and everything else that's going on yet this fall. Be busy!"

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