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Anti-abortion group claims Girl Scouts promote "anti-life women"

Pro-Life Wisconsin warns parents to think twice about buying Girl Scout cookies

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV)-- Girl Scouts USA has become the newest target for political backlash from a Wisconsin pro-life advocacy group, claiming the organization promotes an anti-life agenda.

“These are just people who really haven’t actually researched their facts," said Lee Snodgrass, the director of Brand and Marketing for Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes .  

Pro-Life Wisconsin said the girls youth leadership program highlights women that are pro-choice.

Peggy Hamill, the state director of Pro-Life Wisconsin, said “The Girl Scout curriculum for girls sold and promoted by every local Girl Scout Council recommends pro-abortion role models and organizations.”

According to local Girl Scout leaders, the controversy started when Girl Scouts USA re-tweeted a Huffington Post link highlighting influential women, last month. Some of the women on the list were politicians; Like Hillary Clinton—who is pro-choice.

Now they’re warning parents to think twice before buying Girl Scout Cookies.

“We’ve been warning parents over many years to re-think their involvement with Girl Scouts.  If Girl Scouts don’t change their ways," said Hamill.

The Girl Scouts of Northwestern Great Lakes serves 58 counties.  Snodgrass said when leaders in their communities talk to the girls it’s for motivational purposes only.

"The organization really does try to bring to light women who have shown exceptional leadership skills in their area.  We do not check into or think about what those particular women’s political beliefs are," said Snodgrass.

Pro-Life Wisconsin said they’d like to see the organization take a more wholesome stance on leadership.

But Girls Scouts USA says they do not take a stance at all on political issues. 

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