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Captains and Angels Unite

Thanks to My Team Triumph, differently-abled people get to experience the joys of racing.

Local 5 is proud to be teaming up with My Team Triumph for the upcoming Packers 5k.


My Team Triumph helps differently-abled people compete in races they otherwise wouldn't be able to.

Joey Christensen is differently-abled and is a “captain”.  He gets to participate in races thanks to the “angels” who push him in his race chair and also run alongside of him.

“To me, it's an achievement to be able to accomplish that being differently-abled, is one of my most awesome triumphs,” Joey says, as he prepares for a training run.


“We're included as one.  We're not taken away the opportunity to be a part of races.”


Karl Huebner is an angel for the first time.


“It's a lot of preparation, but you're thrilled to do it for the cause… What sets this apart, is that you're not running for yourself, but for something better.”


The highlight of the Packers 5k is running around the actual turf of Lambeau Field.  It's something these captains relish.


“We take Lambeau for granted.  We see the Packers play, but we really don't know what it's like to be able to go inside of the stadium and experience that and just have the people and community cheer for us all... It will put a smile on my face from ear to ear,” Joey says.


“With running, it's normally a very solitary event and it's you competing against, either the person next to you, or the time.  But with this, you are giving it all up for something that's much better to someone who's much more deserving of it,” adds Huebner.


For more information on My Team Triumph:  http://myteamtriumph-wi.org/

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