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Facebook marks 10 year anniversary

10 years ago we did not know what a "like" button was and we had never responded to a friend request.

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - 10 years ago we did not know what a "like" button was and we had never responded to a friend request.                  


Now Facebook is marking a milestone anniversary.


"It is so weird to have your life defined by these pictures" says Facebook user Ben Ponkratz.


He is one of more than one billion Facebook users who have helped turn the word friend into a verb.


"It connects everyone" Ponkratz "I was just talking with my friend in Brazil. I can keep up with all my friends that I met down there".


In the past decade users have shared 400 billion photos. Some monumental, others mundane.


"I was recently sick this past weekend and I kept posting pictures of my thermometer" says user Anthony Atkinson.


"I remember when it was a huge deal everybody was like I need to check my Facebook, what are people doing" recalls Isabella Estes.


In 2006, friend lists boomed when Facebook expanded to allow anyone, not only college students, to join.


Though Facebook has undergone numerous facelifts younger users are increasingly turning to other forms of sharing.


"I use Instagram a lot because I really like pictures. On Facebook people post a lot of unnecessary posts. I do not really care if you go to the doctor" Estes says.


"I do snapchat. I did not know that was considered a social media but I do Snapchat all the time" says Atkinson.  


However the site's impact on commerce continues to grow. 25 million small businesses have pages on Facebook.


"A lot of combining entertaining, informative content with promotional pieces like click here to get your dollar coupon off" explains Liz Paulson Media Relations for Arketype.


With company stock now at $60 dollars, more than 6,000employees and an award winning movie about his story, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has come a long way from his dorm room where Facebook was born.


To celebrate Facebook is giving users a look back at their top moments in the past 10 years. It includes pictures and posts from your wall set to music.


To check out your personalized "look back" click here


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