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Propane shortages on the farm may hurt farmers market prices

Propane shortages on the farm may hurt farmers market prices

DENMARK ( WFRV) - The recent spike in propane costs due to shortages is especially hard for those who use it to operate a farm.

Beef, goats and chickens are just a few of the animals you'll find on Kellner Back Acre Garden in Denmark. A lot goes into making sure these animals are fed and warm. However, the propane shortage across the country makes keeping them warm challenging.

Nancy Kellner owns the farm. She sells her eggs and produce at her farm and at farmers markets. Because of the shortage of propane her new chicks can't be ordered until April. That means she'll be charging more for eggs this year.

The family plants seeds in their green houses during the winter. When spring comes around the seedling plants, called plugs, can be replanted outside. They haven't been able to do that this year because propane is needed to heat the green houses. in fact, they lost their first planting.

As for larger dairy farms, our ag expert mike austin says farmers in our area are getting their propane. However, some are paying the higher cost. That could have an impact on some commodity prices down the road.


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