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List of communities asking resident to run water keeps growing

People in Nichols are complying so their pipes don't freeze
NICHOLS, Wis. (WFRV) - Typically just turned on for doing dishes, a tap in the kitchen of Rooster's Pub and Grub in Nichols is now running constantly.

"There's postings up in town and the village president came around to the businesses and said, leave your water run, do to all the frost in the ground," said owner Jerry Fuss.

Fuss just took over the bar and grille at the beginning of the year.

"We use a ton of water here," he explained. "We have the bathrooms. We have the kitchen. We do breakfast every morning and we do lunch hours so there's a lot of water that flows through here, but so far, everything is really good."

Public Works Director Jerry Ort said not everyone has been as lucky. After a couple calls of frozen pipes, the village is now asking residents to run their water until further notice.

"Just let the water drip at a pencil diameter," Ort explained. "Just a little drip to keep it going 24/7."

Frost is running about five or six feet below ground this winter. That's right at the same level most water lines are buried.

With warmer temperatures in the upcoming forecast, you might think relief is in sight. But that's not the case. Frost actually tends to run deeper during brief warm-ups.

"It'll probably have to drip until April," said Ort. "The frost is down quite a ways. It won't be done over night or a week or two."

It's one more reason to look forward to spring.

"It's colder now than it was in the past years by far," added Fuss. "The furnace never shuts off here."

Water bills will be adjusted to account for the extra usage.

Click here for a list of all municipalities under advisory.

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