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Local firefighters train in new lifesaving techniques

They're being implemented nationwide after new scientific studies
GREEN BAY, Wis. (WRV) - Local firefighters are learning brand new strategies that could save lives.

According to the Green Bay Metro Fire Department, new building construction materials are more synthetic, which make fires burn hotter. Now, new national studies show doors and windows should be closed off to stop the fire from spreading. That goes against what firefighters have always been taught.

"If we can control the air going into a structure," explained Division Fire Chief Brent Elliot. "If we can control the ventilation openings and operate with less ventilation, we're able to increase survivability with victims as well as firefighters inside of a burning building."

Elliot said it's important for everyone to know to leave doors and windows intact if you ever come across a building on fire.

These new techniques are being implemented at fire departments across the country.

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