Melanoma Monday raises awareness of skin cancer

Melanoma Monday raises awareness of skin cancer

Today is Melanoma Monday, a day dermatologists are using to help raise awareness about skin cancer.

DE PERE, Wis.(WFRV) -  As summer approaches, dermatolo http:// gists are working to educate people on the dangers of skin cancer...

That's why Monday was declared Melanoma Monday, a day of awareness about the importance of prevention and detection of the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

Dermatologists say melanoma is dangerous because it can spread rapidly. It's also the most common form of cancer for young adults between 25 and 29.

"I really think it's imperative that people watch how much sun they get," Dr. Lisa Campbell from Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin says. "Stay out of the sun during the middle portion of the day if they can. If they can't, wear sunscreens, and re-apply them every two hours, and if you get a sunscreen, get SPF 30 or higher."

For more information on skin cancer, head to the Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin website.
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