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New Prevea Urgent Care Clinic to open

A major announcement today for downtown Green Bay residents and workers.
GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - A new development is taking shape downtown Green Bay.

Prevea Health will open its eighth urgent care location in the state.

"It is awesome that the for lease signs will go away soon and construction begins" says Jeff Mirkes, Executive Director for Downtown Green Bay Incorporated.

Four thousand square feet of the Cherry Street ramp downtown Green Bay now as a tenant, after sitting empty nearly 10 years.

"This is the most vibrant and exciting part of Green Bay right now" says Dr. Ashok Rai, Prevea's President and CEO.

With more than 12,000 people working downtown and hundreds more calling it home the clinic fills a void.

"They all had to leave for healthcare especially when they get sick and needs urgent care while at work" Dr. Rai explains. "We are able to supply that now and it is a great partnership".

Downtown Green Bay Incorporated says this addition makes the neighborhood even more appealing to other businesses.

"We think that it certainly will serve as catalyst.  If anything for some of the restaurants it will pay dividends, bringing more people throughout the day".

The clinic will be open seven days a week, patients can see a doctor without an appointment.

"Anything from a fracture to pneumonia, we can treat it all here" says Dr. Rai.

Built beneath a parking ramp, Prevea patients will have access to 800 parking spots.

"As downtown expands we will all need to get more comfortable with vertical parking" says Mirkes.  

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