Badger Game Holds Special Purpose at Chewy's Bar

Badger Game Holds Special Purpose at Chewy's Bar

After passing away two years ago, friends and family say the owner of Chewy's Bar is leading the Badgers to victory.
Just one step into Chewy's bar is all you need to know how much the Wisconsin Badgers meant to Chewy Piaskowski.

        "I would say the Badgers were his first love," says his wife Barb Piaskowski.

hewy never got to see his team win a championship. He passed away in 2012 after a 3 month battle with cancer. His wife says it's been a long two years, but as the Badgers march toward the championship, friends and family say Chewy might be playing a role.

        "I think he's looking down on the Badgers this year just because he can't make it," says friend and bar patron Jim Behnke. "I think this is his final saying, that they're going to make it all the way and possibly win a national championship."

Barb now runs the bar, decked out in Crimson and White. She says Chewy's presence is always there, but during Badger games, there's no mistaking it.

        "His presence is all over," she says. "I think anybody that really knew him or knew us should totally be able to feel it, because the bar is all about him."

As the Badgers aim to cut down the nets Saturday, friends and family say Chewy will be right there alongside his favorite team.
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