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WisDOT Gathers Feedback on Highway 55 Project

DOT officials held a public input meeting in Kaukauna on Monday night, asking for feedback on a proposed project to Highway 55

The one mile stretch between Highway 41 and downtown Kaukauna is set for a facelift, long overdue according to DOT officials.

        "This road had some pretty bad deteriorated pavement," says Project Manager Tim Rank. "Also capacity concerns at the intersections near the 41 ramps."

The proposed project calls for a new surface, while adding in 3 roundabouts and one traffic signal. On Monday night, DOT representatives held a public input meeting in Kaukauna, describing tentative plans for the project. Officials say the plans focus around reducing congestion - but some like Sandy Scheibe say removing stop signs and adding roundabouts could make the stretch more dangerous.

        "I certainly do not want to go on Gertrude Street when people are whipping through there at 45 miles an hour, and the shoulder is deteriorating away," she says. "It's a safety hazard."

And she's not the only one concerned about proposed changes to the road.

        "It will make it more dangerous," says Kaukauna Resident Brett Vandenheudel. "If someone would get hit it would be a lot more severe."

The project is still 4 years away, so DOT officials say feedback at meetings like this is closely monitored.

        "This is critical it's protocol to make sure we're following procedure to make sure the public does have an input and it is critical, it's their street."

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