"Citizen Koch" Debuts in Appleton

"Citizen Koch" Debuts in Appleton

The film was aired at a private screening Thursday evening.

Inside Appleton's Marcus Cinema, hundreds gathered for a private screening of "Citizen Koch" - A documentary showcasing the ins and outs of electoral spending. The film focuses primarily on Wisconsin, a state filmmakers say is a hot-bed for non-traceable political funding.

        "We've seen the state flip back and forth between the major parties," says Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Director Mike McCabe, "So that makes Wisconsin a particular magnet for outside money."

McCabe plays a small role in the film, and says the message is non-partisan. The film focuses on Governor Scott Walker and the Koch brothers, along with a handful of impacted Wisconsinites.

        "All of these people, their stories speak to how their voices are being taken away," says McCabe. "Ultimately, it says a lot about how all of us are at risk of losing our voices in this system."

The movie garnered particular interest in Appleton - Where a move to amend petition has made it onto the November ballot.

        "Government is stagnant because each side is indebted to their owners," says Move to Amend Organizer Karen Bachhuber. "So it won't happen from the top, needs to start from the bottom."

McCabe describes the film as difficult to watch, yet eye opening, and says people across party lines should pay attention. 

        "The real question is whether we're going to have a system where the many rule, or whether the money rules. And right now we've got a system where the money rules."
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