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Outagamie Co. Board Discusses Airport Name Change

The board discussed the potential change from Outagamie County Regional Airport to Appleton International Airport.
Travelers at Outagamie County Regional Airport have different views on what the airport should be called.

       "Appleton is okay, but I'm from Menasha," says Marilyn Matowitz. "And I think it should be proudly called the Fox Cities Airport."

        "Appleton defines the area," says Judy Yahr. "When people are traveling coming in from all over, they wanna know Appleton: that's where I'm going. Fox cities? What's that? They don't know what that is."

But across the board, one thing is agreed upon. Outagamie County Regional Airport is a mouthful.

        "Every single time a person mentions our airport name is a marketing event," says County Supervisor Tanya Rabec. "One thing that we have not done as a county is market Outagamie County. What is being marketed is the Fox Cities and Appleton. So if we align our airport name with either one of those were going to have more marketing opportunity."

Rabec presented her findings to the County Board tonight - which in a seperate move - approved a resolution 31-1 that could provide the groundwork for a customs facility to be built at the airport. Among the questions from board members, why change the name now, if it's soon to be changed again.

But with the international aspect now in play - Rabec hopes the potential of an Outagamie County Regional International Airport, persuades board members to approve a name change. In Appleton, EKL5NHD.

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