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83-Year-Old Man Serenades Wife for Valentine's Day

An Appleton man has been singing love songs to his wife for decades.

Miles Carlson was just looking for a piano player to accompany him during college, but when Marlys raised her hand, he found a whole lot more.

        "I didn't know what it was going to entail totally," says Marlys. "But I did raise my hand and here we are."

The couple has now been married for over 60 years, and today Miles serenaded his wife at the Touchmark home in Appleton.

         "I've been practicing it the past few days," says Miles with a grin.

Miles has been singing his whole life, from his college days through his time in the service.

        "He was in Korea," says Marlys. "But we wrote to each other practically every day, and he came back and the fire was still there and that's kind of how it all progressed."

Marlys says he sings to her often, keeping the music that brought them together at the forefront of their relationship.

        "Well it's just beautiful," she says. "It''s very full, and he sings what he feels."

        "Just had a real good life with my music," says Miles.

Music that keeps the couple in perfect harmony.
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