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Poll Shows Wisconsin Governor's Race Remains Close

A Marquette University Law Poll released Wednesday shows Governor Walker holds a 48% to 41% edge over Mary Burke.
A new poll consisting of 801 registered voters gives Governor Scott Walker a 48% to 41%edge over opponent Mary Burke. That's Nearly identical to the mark in January (47%-41%).

But for Lawrence University political professor Arnold Shober, it's another figure that pops off the page. When asked to share views on Mary Burke, 59% of those polled had no opinion. 

        "While that presents some opportunities, she can still kind of say: 'here this is who I am, this is what I do for Wisconsin,' the longer that number stays high, the greater opportunity there is for Scott Walker to say well, 'she won't tell you who she is, but I will," says Shober.

In a statement to Local Five, Burke's campaign spoke poorly of Walker's attacks, saying:
        "Not only are Walker and his allies' unprecedented amount of early, false, negative attacks on Mary Burke not working, voters know, by an overwhelming margin, that Walker's economic plans aren't working either."

Governor Walker's campaign cited job creation and the fiscal surplus, saying:
        "Under Governor Walker's leadership, Wisconsin has created over 100,000 jobs and 17,000 new businesses, turned a $3.6 billion deficit into a $911 million surplus, and cut taxes by $2 billion. We're confident voters want to continue moving Wisconsin forward and have no desire to return to the failed policies of the past."

Schuber says the poll didn't have a whole lot of surprises:
        - 55% approve of Walker's $500 million tax cut.
        - 63% are in favor of increasing the minimum wage.
        - And President Obama's job approval is up from 44% in January to 47%

In terms of the Gubernatorial race, Shober says it's far too early to predict an outcome, but he says the Marquette poll tends to be stable and accurate.

        "Once the campaigns start those numbers take on a life of their own," he says. "The parties will start to play up favorable numbers. The other party will play up the unfavorable numbers. So the polls begin to be a self fulfilling prophecy."

You can find the full results by clicking here:  http://law.marquette.edu/poll/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/MLSP20Toplines.pdf
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