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Big Opening for the Village of Sherwood

It's been nearly a decade since Sherwood had a grocery store, but on Wednesday that run will end for the town of nearly 3,000.
It's been nearly a decade since Sherwood resident Mary Ryder had a grocery store in town.

        "To not have a grocery store close by, especially being a mother, is kind of a pain sometimes," she says.

But on Wednesday, her lengthy drives for food will come to an end when her new employer, Dick's Family Foods, opens its doors.

        "This is wonderful to have a grocery store here in town," says Ryder.

It's not like Sherwood is in the middle of no where - The village has nearly 3,000 residents, so not having a grocery store has been a big deal. Residents have had to drive to Appleton or Chilton to get food.

        "It adds up," says store owner Rick VandenWymelenberg. "It's just 15 minutes, twenty minutes, one way."

The store store will essentially have a monopoly over the town, but VandenWymelenberg says that won't change how they approach business.

        "The shoppers have their habits and it's something we're going to have to work hard to get them in the door and to be able to keep them."

The store does have one odd feature - It's designed to send shoppers clockwise, unlike a traditional grocery setting.

        "For us it made sense just for the simple layout of the building and for future expansion," he says. 

But expansion is still years away, as employees get ready for opening day. A day Ryder says can't come quick enough.

        "People are so excited," she says. "It's going to be a mad crazy rush which will be great. People are really excited to stop in and check it out."
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