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Packers announce ticket price high, new options for playoff ticket payment

For the fifth straight year, the price of a seat at Lambeau is going up
GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - For the fifth straight year, the price of a seat at Lambeau is going up. The Packers announced Monday a $3 a seat increase for the 2014 season.

With the increase, tickets in respective areas in 2014 will cost:

  • End zone seats – $77
  • South end zone, 700 Level – $85
  • End zone to the 20yard line – $88
  • South end zone, 600 Level – $92
  • Between the 20-yard lines – $100

Payment is due in the Packers’ ticket office March 31.

"We feel that's a great value for fans, given our top-rated game day environment," said Aaron Popkey, Packers Director of Public Affairs.

The team is also adding more options for season ticket holders to pay for playoff tickets, including a "pay as we play" option.

The Packers narrowly avoided a blackout last month, after troubles selling out the post-season game against the 49ers. Many fans passed on the playoff tickets because the money paid in advance would not be refunded, instead applied to next year's tickets.

"Early indications were that was a factor and we knew that," Popkey said. "We heard it from ticket holders right away regarding that aspect."

Patrick Kennedy isn't a season ticket holder, but a lot of his relatives are. He likes the added options.

"If the fans are unhappy, you've got to find a way to make them happy," he said. "because they can't keep telling us that we have to do something because we don't have to go to games. We don't have to buy the tickets."

The Packers said they're still in the process of finalizing the playoff ticket policies. But fan feedback is weighing heavily on the decisions.

"I think that's a good decision by management and I think the fan base will appreciate that," added Brad Petzke, a fan from Michigan.

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