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Port symposium outlines how Port of Green Bay is adding value to commerce and recreation

Port of Green Bay becoming a revenue generator with more economical transportation opportunities and recreational development
GREEN BAY (WFRV) The Port of Green Bay's shipping season started weeks later than normal. But for now, port officials are optimistic this will be a profitable season.

"If the economy stays good, come Fall we won't even remember that we lost two-to-three weeks of the shipping season," said Dean Haen, Director, Brown County Port and Resource Recovery Department.

That's because the Port of Green Bay is a money maker for the region. Port, resource recovery and planning officials outlined the economic benefits at a symposium in Green Bay. That includes growing awareness of the port for economical transportation.

"People start to recognize this is a unique resource we have here in Brown County and Green Bay. And it's something we can use to further our business goals," said Aaron Schuette, Prinicpal Planner, Brown County Planning and Land Services Department.

That includes identifying properties that can be transformed into modern port facilities and reduce river traffic and drawbridge disruptions. Then there's the restoration of the Cat Island chain. The economical use of material dredged from shipping lanes will create new recreational opportunities.

"You're going to see an improvement in the fisheries, which you're probably going to see more fishermen coming into the area," Haen said. "It should improve the flight patterns for ducks and the lay over for them. So hunters can benefit from them."

Local 5's Terry Kovarik has the story.

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