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President Obama pushes for more job training programs while visitng Waukesha

"Bring kids to factories and help inspire them."

WAUKESHA, Wis. (WFRV)-- Two days delivering the State of the Union Address, President Obama brought his message to Wisconsin Thursday.

While Manufacturing may be one of Wisconsin's largest industries, it's an industry that's attracting less workers and that's something President Obama would like to change. 

"Bring kids to factories and help inspire them to pursue careers in manufacturing," Obama said.


The President spoke at General Electric's Waukesha Gas Engines Facility in Waukesha--a plant that pairs with local schools to train workers the skills they need to get hired.


"What you're doing at this plant and across the region can be a model which is why I've asked congress to fund more reliably proven programs that effect more ready to work Americans with ready to be built jobs," he said.


In front of hundreds of people, the President signed an executive order that would put more money into worker training programs.

That's something GE employees are happy to hear.


Bernard Lemvke, an employee at the plant, said, "What he's saying is happening. There aren't enough kids out there to fill the jobs that they need."


Mike Cherek agrees. He said, "If you can keep the people here then they won't ship it out."


The President also talked about the importance of raising minimum wage to $10.10 and ensuring women earn equal pay.


Democratic Rep. Debra Kolste, of the 44th District and attended Thursday's speech said," "It's about the family making equal money.  Women should have equal work for equal pay."


While the Commander and Chief's message may have hit home for many, some were just in awe to see him in person.


"It was a dream come true to see President Obama," said Sanja Sawend.


The President also said he would by pass congress if need be to see his agenda passed.

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