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Residents continue to combat the cold

As February ends, northeast Wisconsin smashes several temperature records
 GREEN BAY AREA, Wis. (WFRV) - In downtown Green Bay Friday, a rare heat wave, 16 degrees above zero.

Sherry Smestad didn't see it that way.

"It's ridiculous," she said. "Very hard to stay warm."

She hasn't been spending too much time outdoors lately, probably more just getting bundled up.

"Like you're going snowmobiling every morning," she joked. "Long underwear, double up on the shirts, scarf, mittens and hats."

Some people choose to be outside during the bitter cold.

"I'm very dedicated," said Bill Morgan, who was out ice fishing.

"Some guys get cold. Not me," said angler Jeff Wagner. "My nose. That's about it."

But that doesn't mean they enjoy every second of it. Morgan was just trying to beat a bad case of cabin fever.

"I'm sick of sitting at home," he explained. "I'm tired of it being cold outside and me not being able to do anything. So I just said well, I'm going to go out just to get out."

We found Debbie Gevaert shopping in the warmth of a store in Howard.

"It's hard to stay in a perky mood when everything is so dreary," she commented.

Do you think the lifelong Wisconsinite is sick of winter?

"I said to my husband, if we have another one of these, we are going to have to move," she said.

When it's this cold for this long, a lot of people said their trick to staying sane is thinking warm thoughts.

"Get my boat out as soon as the ice goes out," Morgan said.

"Bring on spring and everybody will be really appreciative and happy," added Gevaert.

Sherry Smestad has some parting thoughts for Miss Mother Nature.

"Leave us alone!" she joked. "Keep the sun out or something. Get a little warmer."

It's bound to happen someday, right?

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