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Sheboygan woman fined for disorderly conduct after accosting a GOP staffer

"She just started yelling and went on a rant about how terrible we were," said Gregg Quella

SHEBOYGAN Wis. (WFRV)--A Sheboygan woman was fined for disorderly conduct Wednesday after accosting a staffer at the Republican Party office in Sheboygan.

"She just sort of went ballistic," said Greg Quella the Republican Field Director

According to Quella, the 54-year-old woman started throwing papers, knocked over an elephant statue, and spit in his face.

"She just started yelling and went on a rant about how terrible we were--saying how Gov. Walker is ruining the state and Republicans are ruining the country."

Quella captured a photo of the woman as well as her license plate on his smart phone.

After the incident, Republican Party offices across the state were notified.

"This isn’t any reason to hate anyone.  This isn’t any reason to spit on someone.  Nobody should react this way.  If someone would come in and do what was done in Sheboygan, here—in Outagamie County, the police will be called and charges will be filed," said the Director of Communications for the Outagamie County Republican Party, Ron Tusler.

Sheboygan County police caught up with the woman.

They said they're not releasing her name but that she was fined $250.

The Democratic Party released this statement to Local 5 News about this incident, "We don't condone this kind of behavior and have no further comment."

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