Social media craze causes donations to soar at ALS organizations

Social media craze causes donations to soar at ALS organizations

It's called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Dump water on your head and donate to a good cause.
GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - From athletes and celebrities to your friends and neighbors. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is taking social media by storm.

"It's all over Facebook and Twitter," said Matt Doherty. "Basically it's for ALS and I've seen a lot of my friends posting videos of it."

"One of my friends got nominated so he was already sitting in an ice bath," explained Jake Wells. "Then I had a bucket and dumped it on top of him."

It's a social phenomenon with a purpose. Donations to ALS organizations are skyrocketing.

The National ALS Association has received $1.3 million in the last two weeks. That's compared to just $22,000 donated during the same time last year. The Wisconsin chapter received $12,000 this week alone.

"Any awareness is good," said Dr. Debasish Bhattacharyya. "Anything that draws attention."

Dr. Bhattacharyya works with ALS patients at Prevea Health. He's on board with anything to raise more money for research for such a crippling disease.

"Problems from everything," he explained. "Eating, swallowing, moving, inability to walk. Anything that's going to contribute to the scientific community's ability to do further research is going to be good. So I think it's fantastic."

Click here to donate to ALS research.

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