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Tax Day is quickly approaching

Tuesday is the deadline to submit your federal and state tax forms
GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - Last minute tax-filers take note. Tuesday is the deadline to submit your federal and state tax forms.

Local tax services say they're always busiest this time of year. Preparers at Liberty Tax Service in Green Bay say not much has changed since last tax season, as far as credits and deductions.

They say extensions are available and could give people until October 15th to file without incurring late fees. Still, they will be charged interest from April 15th if they owe state taxes.

If you're planning on getting help from a professional, it's typically a quick and easy process if you bring along the right information.

"If they're claiming children for the earned income credit, which is the biggest one now, they have to have proof that the child is living in their residence," explained Heidi Larios, with Liberty Tax Service. "Birth certificate, social security card, their W2, 1099 and 401K."

The IRS and Department of Revenue urge people to file their returns electronically. Officials say it's more accurate and secure.

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