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Uniquely Wisconsin: Game Changer Update

Uniquely Wisconsin: Game Changer Update

Green Bay (WFRV) We first met Shannon Guerts earlier this year when she was one of six people taking on the Prevea Health's Change Your Game challenge. The challenge was to lose weight by changing your lifestyle in a six month period.

The challenge is over and GameChanger Shannon Geurts is happy with the way she looks and feels.

"I'm actually more confident with the way I look than I have been in a long time," said Shannon Geurts, Gamechanger.

Shannon wanted to lose weight to be a role model for her kids and do things she couldn't do because of her weight.

"Go be a coach for them in their sports. It's so hard when you go to an amusement park or anything and you're too overweight to go on the rides with them," explained Shannon.


Shannon had struggled with her weight most of her life. Nothing worked. So she took on Prevea Health's Change Your Game challenge.

"I also wanted to make those good choices for my kids so they would grow up knowing the right way to eat and how to stay active," said Shannon.

The gamechangers were set up with a support system including a nutritionist, fitness trainer and health coach. And that is what made all the difference for Shannon.

"I think with the challenge is this time, I had those hurdles along the way but I had the people there to help me get through those hurdles as they came," said Shannon.

Shannon is working out five to six days a week and eating healthier.

"The big reason it was tough was because it was a big change. Everything about it was change," explained Shannon.

And sixth months later, "I've lost 42.9 pounds, so that was really exciting. I think I've lost over 17 inches," said Shannon.

Shannon health also improved.

"I am completely healthier. I used to have issues with my, close to being diabetic. And now that is not a worry anymore, " said Shannon.

Her high cholesterol is also down 43 points.

"I don't get tired as quickly. I have more energy and we're able to do more things because of that," said Shannon.

"Part of the challenge was to influence family and friends. Her husband Joe got back into working out.

"I know I'm in a lot better shape than I was at least when I started. I've lost also 25 to 30 pounds," said Joe Geurts, Shannon's Husband.

It also changed the *families* lifestyle.

"The kids notice it too that we're working out and we're eating better. And their excited to do things like go for walks. Things that normally wouldn't have been done before," said Joe.

And everyone is eating healthier these days.

"My daughter has kind of changed her focus and she asks for the healthier foods. We don't have a bag of chips every night before bed anymore," explained Shannon.

The 31-year-old plans on sticking with her new lifestyle.

"I'm confident I will be able to keep with this," said Shannon.

And she is meeting some of her goals, "I volunteered to be a coach for her soccer team," said Shannon.

But what really surprised Shannon was how much the challenge changed her.

"I found out how important I really am and when I can take care of myself and put myself first, everything else seemed to fall in line so much better. So I really found myself through the challenge," said Shannon.

Shannon and Joe are both training for a half marathon. Joe plans to run it while Shannon plans to walk the course.

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