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UPDATE: Wal-Mart submits new proposal to city of Green Bay

The plans call for a 154,000 square foot store with 623 parking spaces
GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) The public is getting its first look at Wal-Mart's new plans for a super center on the Larsen Green property on Broadway.

Store officials submitted a site plan and renderings to the city planning department Thursday afternoon. The plans call for a 154,000 square foot store  with 623 parking spaces.

Wal-Mart has also set aside 5,000 square feet for the city to control and use office or residential space. The plan would also give the city air rights to the area above the parking lot.

"The things we've heard repeatedly about multi-use high density," explained Delia Garcia, Wal-Mart spokesperson. "Recognizing and acknowledging the historic character of downtown and most importantly, the need for retail and grocery store to serve downtown customers."

While the changes reflect some of the city's requests, Mayor Jim Schmitt said he's still skeptical.

"We have another proposal for them and I want to say the city is very good at making proposals," Mayor Schmitt said. "We ask that we still will concede the 154,000 square feet. We'd like it on two levels. I think they've done that in other markets and I think that would still allow us some land for some housing development and some other amenities to support the Broadway district."

City leaders have also expressed some concerns over the size of the land being offered for development and the ability to even build above the parking lot.

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