Ice safety tips

Ice safety tips

Safety tips from the Wisconsin DNR.

Green Bay, Wis. (WFRV)- This weekend is the second annual statewide free fishing weekend. Here are some safety tips from the Wisconsin DNR for those headed out on the ice.

·Always remember that ice is never completely safe under any conditions.

·Fish or walk with a friend. It's safer and more fun.

·Contact local sport shops to ask about ice conditions on the lake or river you want to fish.

·Carry a cell phone, and let people know where you are going and when you'll return home.

·Wear proper clothing and equipment, including a life jacket or a float coat to help you stay afloat and to help slow body heat loss.

·Wear creepers attached to boots to prevent slipping on clear ice.

·Carry a spud bar to check the ice while walking to new areas.

·Carry a couple of spikes and a length of light rope in an easily accessible pocket to help pull yourself - or others - out of the ice.

·Do not travel in unfamiliar areas -- or at night.

·Know if the lake has inlets, outlets or narrows that have currents that can thin the ice.

·Look for clear ice. Clear ice is generally stronger than ice with air bubbles in it or with snow on it.

·Watch out for pressure ridges or ice heaves. These can be dangerous due to thin ice and open water.

·Take extra mittens or gloves so you always have a dry pair.

·Driving on ice is always a risk. Use good judgment and consider alternatives.

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