Federal judge upholding Wisconsin Act 10

Federal judge upholding Wisconsin Act 10

Labor unions "disappointed" by decision
GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV)--Local labor unions are reacting to a federal court ruling Wednesday that upheld Wisconsin’s Act 10 law.

Wisconsin State AFL-CIO President, Phil Neuenfeldt, said “This is a disappointing ruling for all workers in the state of Wisconsin.”

U.S. District Judge William Conley struck down arguments that Act 10 is unconstitutional Wednesday.

When Act 10 passed, in 2011, it stripped collectivebargaining powers from most state and local public employees.

“Gov. Walker was elected to create jobs; instead he attacked workers’ rights and Wisconsin’s middle class,” said Neuenfeldt.

Several lawsuits have been filed since Act 10 passed, claiming it violated constitutional rights to assembly.

But Judge Conley ruled that the equal protection clause does not apply in this case.

Governor Walker is commending the decision.

His office told Local 5, “This is a significant victory for Wisconsin taxpayers.  Act 10 is a constitutional law enacted by the people’s representatives and upheld in every case where we’ve had a final decision.  This victory reaffirms our position.”

Green Bay Democratic Sen. Dave Hansen tells Local 5 he's disappointed by the court's ruling.

"Instead of investing in programs that help unemployed workers and their facilities, [Gov. Walker] tries to blame them for the economic crisis and taking benefits away from them and out of their pockets," said Sen. Hansen. 

The State Supreme Court agreed to take the case in June.

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