Fox Valley Veterans Prepare for Honor Flight

Fox Valley Veterans Prepare for Honor Flight

Veterans on the trip will be able to see their respective memorials, but there could be some other issues.
APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) - As the government prepares to re-open, the Old Glory Honor Flight is scheduled to take off for Washington D.C. Thursday morning.
Some, like Jerry Rosewitz, say they were prepared for the trip whether the government re-opened or not.

        "We had lots of conversations on storming the barriers, which would have been pretty interesting," he said. "A little bit of excitement in our lives wouldn't have hurt."

A major issue the veterans could still face is a lack of bathrooms. It's unclear when certain aspects of the government - including full staffing at national parks and memorials - will re-open. That means while the memorials may be accessible, bathrooms might not be.

        "Yeah the bathrooms [as of Wednesday evening] are closed," said Honor Flight Board Member Chris Berkers. "And there's no trash pickup so we'll have to police our own trash. But the bathrooms are closed at the WWII Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial which we also use."

Rosewitz, who's in his 80's, says that could create potential issues.

        "I think with a whole bunch of 80-year-olds and 90-year-olds, not having a bathroom might pose some problems of some kind. At our age we're not ashamed to do whatever we have to do, if there's a tree around...."
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