FVTC Unveils Robotic Welders

FVTC Unveils Robotic Welders

Gov. Walker was on hand as Fox Valley Technical College unveiled 8 new robotic welders Tuesday afternoon.
According to the federal reserve, Wisconsin's economic growth rate over the past 3 months is the state's highest in 25 years...
And Governor Walker says workforce  programs like the welding one at Fox Valley - are hugely responsible.

"It's because of training like this... Where we can show manufacturers that we've got more welders, more operators, more fabricators, more machinists. That makes them comfortable that they can take on additional work," said Walker.

Every student involved in the welding program will use the robots.

        "By the time they're finished with the course - they're doing this on their own," said Instructor Ben Cebery. "Writing full programs and running welds all on their own"

The robotic welders allow students to learn on the exact machines they'll be working on once they graduate.

"They know if they want to stay in the district and be employed in the district, they know that they're being trained on the same type of equipment they're going to see in the work place," said Manufacturing Technologies Dean Steve Straub.

5 of the 8 robotic welders were donated by manufacturing companies in the Fox Valley.
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