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Game day a score for local grocery stores

Fans started preparing early this morning to have the perfect party.
GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - Fans started preparing early this morning to have the perfect party.


Plenty of people brought their game day spirit to work.


"It is absolutely crazy. It is phenomenal" says Dean Brockman, who works for Festival Foods.


For the grocer, game day is a major score for the bottom line.


"We have a ton of fans coming in from everywhere coming to the game. It is fun to hear where they are coming from to come to the game, if it is a home game" says Tesia VanRite who has worked for Festival Foods for nine years.


The crew is encouraged to sport green and gold.


"Being from Green Bay I think it is really important that we show that pride so that people who are coming from out of town get to see the special items. It is exciting to come in and see everything Green Bay packers. It is a that reminder that this is where it is all at" she says.


Shoppers are stocking up on the essentials.


"Well I am going to bring a big metal barrel full of liquid" says Packers fan Andrew Mineau.


They're also filling their carts with items that will make their party stand out.


"When your friends walk around and see the green and gold buns they are going to know you are just that much more of a packers fan" says Mckenzie Fruehbrodt, also rooting for the Packers.


The most popular items have remained the same for generations.


"Burgers brats, chips soda just the standard stuff" says Doug Laatsch who is having a party at work.


"A lot of wings, and brats and burgers we have a ton of packers cookies and packer cakes and things like that" says VanRite.


But, one thing you cannot put a price on, is the team spirit, pulsing through Titltown.



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