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Gov. Walker says he wants to put more money into tax payers’ pockets over the next year

Walker says he's "flattered" by Presidential run rumors
MADISON, Wis. (WFRV)-- After turning the state’s deficit into a $760 million surplus, Gov. Scott Walker is dedicated on putting more money back into the pockets of tax payers.

 “We want to look at big bold things that will help stimulate the economy here,” said Walker.

Sitting in the Executive Residence library in Madison, Governor Walker talked about his bold agenda for the future with Local 5’s Jenn Sullivan.

“What would you like to see accomplished in 2014?” asked Sullivan.

“Real tax reform that drives economic growth,” he said.

 In October, Walker signed a bill that would cut property taxes by $100 million over the next two years--saving the average home owner about $13 a year.

Now, he’s considering eliminating the state income tax.

 “If you look at some of the top performing states, when it comes to jobs, they’re almost exclusively states that either have no income tax or states that have a very low income tax,” Walker said.

But striking the state income tax would mean having to increase taxes elsewhere.

“We’re looking to get some good feedback from tax payers across the state,” Walker said about the idea.

So could that be a key goal as he gears up for another campaign year?

When he first ran, he promised to create 250,000 jobs by 2015, a promise he isn’t even halfway close to achieving.

“We’re still committed to trying to accelerate that pace whether it’s January 1st or a month or whenever we’re still aiming for 250,000 jobs,” Walker said.

One way he hopes to do that is by continuing to pour money into programs that give potential employees the skills they need to get hired.

“We’ve poured more than $100 million into improving everything from multi-week courses, to 2 year technical colleges, to UW-Systems, to even some grad courses to fill those positions.”

While he’s focused on continuing to strengthen the economy he’ll also be fighting for re-election next year. 

Last year’s elections proved Democrats at the national level are gaining ground up Wisconsinites—with President Obama winning Wisconsin, and Democrat Tammy Baldwin beating out former Gov. Tommy Thompson for the U.S. Senate seat.

 “This is going to be a very close competitive race, no matter who the nominee is and we’re going to be prepared to get our message out and hopefully carry the day,” he said.

As far as any political aspirations for 2016, Walker said he’s flattered by Presidential rumors but is focused on improving Wisconsin as Governor.

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