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Governor Walker visits De Pere, promotes tax cut proposal

It was part of a state wide tour
DE PERE, Wis. (WFRV) - Less than 24 hours after outlining his plan for Wisconsin's future in the State of the State address, Governor Scott Walker hit the road to promote his proposals.

He made stops in La Crosse, Madison, Hurley and in De Pere where he met with workers at PDQ manufacturing.

During his state of the state address last night, Governor Walker proposed cuts to lower property taxes by $406 million dollars, lower income taxes by $98.6 million, and withholding state income tax by $322.6 million. The governor says that would save the average working family $58 a month and save tax payers $57 totaling $520 a year

"What I've heard repeatedly is if you want to continue the economic recovery, we need to put more money back in the hands of people and consumers and ultimately employers in this state," Walker says, "and that's what we're going to push to do and that's why we're asking people to support our blueprint for prosperity."  

Meanwhile Democrats like Senate Minority Leader Chris Larson of Milwaukee says Governor walker's proposal is irresponsible and he should use the money to address issues like education.

"We would like to see address the deficit, address deficit spending, and beyond that, make sure we're restoring the historic cuts to k-12 education," he says,  "over $800 million was cut from the first budget, that money has not been restored, and parents and children across the state have felt the impact of that. "  

Governor Walker's proposed tax cuts could meet resistance in the state senate where lawmakers from both parties have expressed concern.

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