Green Bay couple runs in New York Marathon

Green Bay couple runs in New York Marathon

Brian and Marla Maney recall the security efforts and recovery efforts during the run.
 Green Bay, Wis.(WFRV)- Over 50,000 runners took to the streets of New York City for the annual New York Marathon.

Most runners trained for 18 or more months because last year's marathon was cancelled due to the arrival of super storm Sandy. Last year, Green Bay residents Brian and Marla Maney arrived in New York to run the race only to have it cancelled. Instead, they decided to join the relief efforts on Staten Island. Something Marla says is a rewarding experience even today.

"We talked to some people from Staten Island and they were so thankful and they actually thanked us for being there last year and helping and thanked us for coming back again this year. It was really pretty touching." said Marla.

The other hurdle for the marathon runners was the beefed up security. The New York Marathon had the highest security after two bombs exploded near the finish line at Boston's marathon back in the Spring. While there were no security problems at the marathon, Marla says the added security measures were a necessary inconvenience.

"It was actually really reassuring and everybody we encountered who were doing the checks were so nice to us and they just made it a positive experience," recalls Marla, "You felt really safe and it was so uplifting and I would rather be safe than anything."

Marla and Brian were among nearly a dozen people from Green Bay and the Fox Valley who ran in the marathon.

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