Highway 172 Ramp Closures

Highway 172 Ramp Closures

Ramp closed just west of Highway 41.

Starting today, drivers heading east on Highway 172 will no longer be able to get on to Highway 41 in Ashwaubenon, without making a detour.

The ramp is being rebuilt, and won't re-open again until May of next year.

To get on to northbound 41, drivers will have to keep going until the Oneida St. exit, and then get back on to westbound 172 to rejoin the highway.

There will also be overnight closures on the ramps from northbound 41 to Highway 172, heading both east and west tonight, and tomorrow night. Detours will be posted in those areas.

If you plan on travelling between 8 P.M. and 5 A.M., give yourself extra driving time.

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