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Kids enjoy day off of school by staying active indoors

With school districts closed around the state parents had to adjust to having kids at home.
GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - With school districts closed around the state parents had to adjust to having kids at home.


The day off turned into an adventure for many families.


"Cold day are good days for us because kids come in with their family whether its play dates or just mothers getting kids exercise" says Jamie Resch, The General Manager at Sir Bounce-A-Lot's.


Kids were bouncing off the walls when they found out school was canceled.


"Because we do not have to do math work and we can go wherever we want and have fun" says 2nd grader Nora Oleniczak.


For some people this is actually swimsuit weather.


They found a place in the tundra that is downright tropical.


"Outside is way colder than in here" says 8 year old Tom Reger who spent the day the Tundra Lodge Water park.


"It is pretty good" chimes in 5th grader Abbi Hendrick. "Especially going in the hot tub" she adds.


The Tundra Lodge is a splash filled retreat from the harsh Wisconsin winter.


"Because it is freezing outside and in here its warm" explains Breanna Bunnow, also a 5th grader.


"It has never been this cold before" agrees 8 year old Sophia Lopez.


The waterpark offers a rare chance to shed the layers in January.


"I probably like the green slide the best" says 9 year old Avery Smith.


"The slides go outside and then you get splashed when you come out" explains another 9 year old Isabella Lopez.


"I love spending time with my kids and I think he likes spending time with me so we see what we can do" says dad Tom Reger.


Whether you are a water warrior or a land lover, these families prove you can stay warm and active.


"Especially when they are locked up in the house all day they have to get their energy out and this is the perfect place to come do it" Resch says.


The Tundra Lodge has day passes, but the hours vary so call ahead to check when the water park is open.


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