Leo Frigo bridge enhances classroom lessons

Leo Frigo bridge enhances classroom lessons

Students at Southwest High School now have a real world and local example to relate their engineering studies to, thanks to the Leo Frigo bridge.
Green Bay, Wis. (WFRV) - Students at Southwest High School use Leo Frigo bridge as a real world example of their engineering and architectural studies.

Teacher Ryan Freude says that they were always going to be studying soil composition, but thanks to the Leo Frigo, his students are able to see how applicable their classroom studies truly are.

"When ever you can bring relevance in to the classroom through something that's currently occurring, especially something locally, it just enhances the project," Freude says.

Students agree.

"It definitely makes me more interested," says Emily Haines a Junior at Southwest High School. "It connects real life to classroom work and figuring out how civil engineering would apply."

The class will be studying everything from the ground up when it comes to building a structure.

Today's lesson was on soil plasticity and its load-bearing capacity.

Wisconsin DOT did cite soil composition as part of pier 22 corrosion.

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