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Local 5's military analyst responds to situation in Syria

Colonel Lawrie is an expert military strategist and created the framework for Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield.

DOOR COUNTY, Wis. (WFRV) - Last night the nation heard from President Barack Obama about the situation in Syria.

With military strikes on hold for now, U.S. lawmakers and the United Nations are working on a plan that would require Syrian leader Bashar Assad to turn over his stockpile of chemical weapons.


Millaine Wells spoke today with Local 5's military analyst.


Retired Colonel Tim Lawrie tells us the United States has no business going into Syria.


He does not believe it is our place to police the world.


Colonel Lawrie is an expert military strategist and created the framework for Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield.


Retired Colonel Tim Lawrie is revealing for the first time, the actual documents he presented to President George Bush Senior, before taking the U.S. into the first Gulf War.


"One of the things a planner always has to ask first is what are we hoping to accomplish? What is our objective, our desired end result? Then you work backward from that to develop a plan as to what we are going to do" Colonel Lawrie says.


He does not believe that detail is happening with Syria.


"It appears to me we do not quite know what we are doing" says Colonel Lawrie.


In a prime time address, the President told the American people why the threat of military force against Syria is necessary.


"If we fail to act, the Assad regime will see no reason to stop using chemical weapons." President Barack Obama explained.


"We need to be very careful that we do not go in there and say we are going to help the rebels overthrow Assad, then we help them and have the rebels turn out to be Al Qaeda. They have control of chemical weapons themselves and there is no doubt that they would use them" says Colonel Lawrie.  


The president is willing to give diplomacy a try, but warned Syria the clock is ticking.


"Even a limited strike will send a message to Assad that no other nation can deliver.  I don't think we should remove another dictator with force -- we learned from Iraq that doing so makes us responsible for all that comes next.  But a targeted strike can make Assad, or any other dictator, think twice before using chemical weapons." says the President.


Colonel Lawrie disagrees saying "we are going to end up killing as many civilians as Assad did with his chemical weapons  and that is going to do what? Cause the rebels to hate us more and make the situation worse than it already is".


Colonel Lawrie also has concerns about the price tag of a strike on Syria.


He believes it will cost at least half a billion dollars, money he says the us does not have right now.

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