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Local companies buy tickets to avoid a Packers playoff blackout

The packers announced that all tickets had been sold for the NFC wild card playoff game.
GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - Lambeau Field is sold out for Sunday's big game, preventing the first blackout since 1983.

The packers announced this morning that all tickets had been sold for the NFC wild card playoff game.

While fan support was critical the Packers also gave credit to three local corporations who helped sell the stadium out and avoid the TV blackout.


In the last 24 hours Associated Bank, Bellin Health and Mills Fleet Farm all bought a significant number of tickets.


They are longtime sponsors of the Packers and wanted to make sure all fans could see the game.


"We are the Green Bay Packers and in Green Bay we can't have a game that doesn't sell out.  It wouldn't be acceptable to us" says Chris Woleske, Executive Vice President for Bellin Health.


That is why Bellin purchased around 350 tickets.


They offered them to employees at a steep discount.


"We actually have more interest than we have ticket so we are going to use a lottery system" she explains.


Associate Bank also bought what it calls a significant amount of tickets.


"Certainly it is the first time that I am aware of that we have made a purchase to avoid a blackout" says David Stein, Executive Vice President for the bank.


For all three companies it's about hometown pride.


"It makes me feel great I am glad we were a part of that" says Woleske.


Now thanks to an anonymous corporation students at Green Bay Southwest will also be part of the historic game.


50 tickets were donated to the school.


"Before I finished the announcement we had 50 kids swarm the office looking to sign up" says Southwest Principal Rod Bohm.


"I jumped out of my chair. I never win any contests" says one student lucky to be going to the game.


For a foreign exchange student from Italy it is the opportunity of a lifetime.


"I was so excited" says Beatrice Menghini "It is my first game".


Students won tickets in pairs, so now comes the tough choice of who to bring to the game.


But, for three local companies the choice to buy tickets wasn't tough at all.


"At the end of the day we are big packers fans and it is important to all of us and certainly to Associated Bank to not only ensure the stadium is sold out and we have a full house to cheer the Packers on but also to ensure that Packers fans across the state are able to watch it on TV" says Stein.  


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