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Local man heading to Sochi reacts to recent news of Russian terror threats

Brian McWilliams is an athletic trainer for the U.S. Olympic Curling teams
GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - Brian McWilliams is no stranger to the Olympic games.

"In 2006 was Torino, Italy. In 2010 it was Vancouver, Canada," he listed.

McWilliams is an athletic trainer for both the men's and women's U.S. curling teams.

"Anything the team may need from stretching to assisting with warm-ups," he described. "to facilitating physician care."

While he says news of bombings and terror threats surrounding Sochi are alarming, McWilliams is not afraid to travel into the area. He said security in Olympic Village is typically very tight.

"Similar to going through and airport or TSA, every time you go in the village, every time you go into a venue," he explained. "It's very, very secure for the most part."

And when they leave the village, McWilliams said athletes and staff are escorted by armed security.

"In '06, they were very protective of us because the war had just started or was going on so the U.S. team couldn't put flags up on our buildings or anything like that so we couldn't be recognizable, just in case anything like that were to happen," he said. "I'm sure some of those similar things are going to happen with going into Russia."

McWilliams said Olympic officials have stayed in close contact through emails and social media.

"They're reassuring us, telling us we'll be well protected," he added. "I think the person that is most worried is my mother, so anything we can do to reassure her is a good thing."

McWilliams said he'll leave the country on February 1st and make some short training stops in Germany and Switzerland before heading to Sochi.

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